Monday, March 17, 2008


A sunny Sunday morning at Oconee, the day after the traverse

3.11: off- (rest day)

3.12: 14 miles in 1:50 up the Big Creek Trail. Lily, Uwharrie and I stop in the Smokies on our way back from a teacher’s fair in Knoxville. Of course I jump into midnight hole on our way back down. Lily witnesses the plunge and says I look “miserable” afterwards. I warm up outrunning the car back to I-40.

3.13: 10 miles in 1:14 at Warren Wilson. It’s a nice sunny day. I serendipitously bump into Kevin while warming up along the Swannanoa. We run together on the trails of his beautiful collegiate backyard while Lily and Uwharrie get in a hike.

3.14: off- (work/rest)

3.15: 76 miles in 18:37 on the Foothills Trail. Brian B. and I head down to join Richard, Byron and Brian K. on this latest attempt. Denise and Irene provide excellent support. We start at 12:21 AM at Table Rock; most of us make it to Jocassee by dawn. The morning brings thundershowers but soon clears. I refuel at Whitewater just after noon and head back out into the lightning and hail wearing a garbage bag. I finish the last leg by 7 PM: not as fast as my previous time, but given the slippery trail conditions, inclement weather and a sore quad, a very solid effort. Byron and Irene have rented a wonderful cabin at Oconee, which is an ideal place to recuperate afterwards. Thanks for organizing this adventure Byron!

3.16: off- (rest day)

3.17: Five miles with Uwharrie, Adam, and Lily on the Coyote Trail. We’re able to manage some speed play on this short workout. The legs feel good…


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Greg "Loomdog" Loomis said...

Awesome running Matt! Glad to see you throwing down the miles. I hope the upcoming 100 goes well... umstead??

If you are looking for an April adventure I am scheming a run in Sheandoah or on the C& O canal trail (Maryland)

Take care,

Bedrock said...

Coll run and I really enjoy the blog. Hope to head your way soon for some miles with you, Adam and company.