Saturday, May 16, 2009

monkey anatomy

Pictured from top to bottom, left to right: mesh backpack (w/two 1-liter hydration bladders and bandanna on top), 4.5x9’ cuben fiber tarp, sil-nylon pack liner (w/ hat and sil-nylon food bag on top); 800ml titanium cook pot, cuben fiber stuff sack (w/kitchen/ toiletries/ first-aid kit etc.), DWR bivy sack/pad (w/wind shirt, balaclava, arm warmers, zip top, socks, tights, head net); synthetic insulated poncho/blanket.

Not pictured: food, maps, data pages and clothing/shoes (worn). Hopefully nature’s bounty can fill in the blanks by providing hiking/shelter poles (sticks), stakes (smaller sticks) and stove (rocks).

I’ll admit that I’ve spent the better part of six months tinkering with my gear kit for the BMT. It’s been fun and frustrating to have such a hobby. Most of the gear is homemade and all of it is customized for this particular journey. I haven’t had recent access to a scale, nor am I concerned with counting grams anymore. It is what it is. Going by feel from previous excursions, I’d bet my kit weighs around five pounds.

Still raining… Lush.

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