Sunday, May 01, 2011

may day

Upon our return from last week’s spring break trip to FL, Lily and I have witnessed how quickly spring has sprung in the southern Appalachians. At this rate, it will be summer before we know it. We are in our final month of the school year, and it couldn’t have come sooner. Each week seems to be getting tougher.

Shifting gears…

The MST fastpack looms, so yesterday Uwharrie and I set out on a counterclockwise Woods Mtn. marathon loop six miles from town. Rather than a normal run, I carried MST fastpack gear and purposely moved at a slower “slogging” pace to get a feel for it. Truth be told: my energy level was a bit low at the beginning of this trek, so I’m not sure how much faster I could’ve moved.

Uwharrie and I enjoyed spotting the flox, violets, irises, trillium, lady slippers, laurels and ferns celebrating springtime. It was getting hot along the FS road section in the afternoon sun, so we cooled off in Armstrong Creek before ascending out of this pristine mountain cove. Soon we joined up with the MST and enjoyed ridge top views for the remaining nine miles back to Toms Creek.

With this warmer weather, I’ve got to work on maintaining my electrolyte levels better. Besides stress from work, I think this is the main culprit for getting so beat up on what was to be a fairly routine workout. Like last year, I plan to ramp up daily training in the final month before this summer challenge, so I’ll be sure to post how that’s going when I can.

Meanwhile here’s a video I put together about something else I've been working on recently: a streamlined ‘polycro’ tube tent (prototype #2). Enjoy:


Eugene Smith said...


Loving the polycro tube tent idea! Very creative.

Jake Willits said...

That is bar none the best MYOG video I have ever seen. It takes a lot of the scare out of the project. I may be interested in making a "Fat Guy" version. Thanks!

Nancy said...

So clever, dear Grandson. So happy you are enjoying God's beautiful creation. Love to both you and Lily!! Gram K.