Saturday, October 27, 2012


The route
Looking Glass looms from John Rock (~10:30 AM)
The view from Looking Glass (~11:45 AM)
Ascending Cedar Rock
Atop Cedar Rock (~1:40 PM)
Heading home

Like the Grand Loop this spring, Plutonathon had gotten stuck in my brain and I just had to get it done sooner than later. This morning, Uwharrie and I set out from the house a little after 9 AM hoping 6 hours of exercise would help vacate the frog in my throat and rattler in my lungs. We had a good time on the route. As expected, Looking Glass was a bit congested with day hikers, but not too bad. We actually bumped into hikers climbing up the backside of Cedar. It was good to see so many folks out and about. We finished in just under 6 hours for the 30-mile loop.

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