Friday, November 23, 2012


Prototype 2 (left) and prototype 3 (right)
Tinkering in dad's shop while home for Thanksgiving brings back years of fond memories. Sticking with this tradition, here are some details on an updated version of the SBSBS: Hole diameter was increased to 3/8" and dropped about 1/2" further down the outer wall. The bottle was also raised about 1/2" above the base. Greater care was taken to trim excess material. The weight of this most recent prototype dropped to 2.7 oz. while performance significantly increased (1 pint to rolling boil in 8.5 minutes). Perhaps the most exciting discovery is the adaptability of the orange Gatorade twist cap to the system!


Stephen said...


You might want to check out the "beaner" stove made by my brother in law's company, WorldStove:

Jon Harrison said...

8.5 minutes! Sounds ideal. My only question would be, If damage were done to the relatively fragile plastic cap, how would that effect the system as a whole?

mkirk said...

Hey Jon, well it's no jetboil. I've read of sub-6 minute pint boil times with esbit tabs, so maybe I can get the time down a bit further. As for the cap, no heat damage was sustained with it on several tests. I leave it open and partly unscrewed. Also, I'm currently using a gatorade bottle as my other water bottle, so the caps are interchangeable. I guess the original aluminum cap could be taken along as a backup in case of cap failure (which threatens any water bottle I suppose).

Caleb_J said...

Matt, I have a few quick questions about the SBSBS if you have a minute.

What standoff height did you end up settling on as the best (when using alcohol)? If it's easier, just total height from the base of the Sapporo can to the top of the Coors Light can would work just fine too.

For your thru-hike, did you go with Esbit or alcohol?


mkirk said...


I plan to post the specs and instructions for DIYers for the SBSBS on the

Really quick though: the height of the SBSBS was raised to match the height of the other water bottle that I used in my pack (Gatorade bottle) and I used Esbits.