Sunday, February 24, 2013


Look out of the window, what's passing you by?
If you really want this bad enough...

The week following the last LGLA overnight was filled mostly with rest. Lily and I upheld the daily habit of consuming more fruits and veggies (via hand-me-down blender), which placebo or not, feels great. February 16th brought madA's 6th annual Rattle My Heart 50K. We joined the other runners in Montreat and proceeded up into the snowy mountains. Although it was a bit chilly hanging around at the finish, good times were had by all.

Turkey Pen Trail

Early this Tuesday morning, we got a call that school was cancelled due to snow and the missed day would be made up on Saturday the 23rd. Rolling with the punches, Uwharrie and I made the most of the "snow" day (really quite sunny and nice) and got dropped off by Lily at Turkey Pen on her way up to Asheville. We ran back to the house via Turkey Pen, Black Mtn., Art Loeb and Bracken Mtn. Trails, a good 20+ mile outing.

The most noteworthy trek came today. Treating Sunday as our Saturday, Lily, Uwharrie and I headed up to Big East Fork TH and made our way over Dog Loser Knob, Shining Rock, Grassy Cove Top and back down to the Big East Fork via the previously unexplored Greasy Cove. It was great to spend a beautiful day on the trails with my beautiful girls.

Although there is probably more to say about planning, preparation etc., I'll let the photos, links and tunes do the talking below...

Lily and Uwharrie atop Shining Rock

Richland Balsam from Shining Rock

Lily running through Flower Gap

Uwharrie on Grassy Cove Top

Using the new alcohol SBSBS configuration for tea (click for video)

Descending into Big East Fork

Big East Fork (click for panorama)

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