Sunday, April 07, 2013


Running in Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve
This past week, Lily and I flew out to the bay area of California for our spring break. We looked forward to spending time with our family and exploring more of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, which will someday form a 550-mile loop around the bay. Unfortunately the travel took its toll and we found ourselves feeling a bit under the weather during our stay. We prioritized spending the limited time with our siblings who were great hosts. Thanks Grant, ChenYee, Becky and Andy for the delicious food and good times!

The photos in this post show that we did get out to explore some more of the beautiful South Skyline Region. Feeling run down, I launched a puny exploration of "eleventeen" miles. Beyond physical setbacks, I was a tad paranoid about mountain lions due to local sightings and my experience six years ago. No lions, just a shy bobcat and several deer so I made it safely to Saratoga Gap to meet Lily and my dad. Before we knew it, our week out west had come to an end.

Upon our return to the Appalachians, we discovered more signs of life. On a sunny Saturday Plutonathon (shortened to 20+ miles), Uwharrie and I spotted several trout lilies poking up throughout the forest floor. As is now standard, I carried the pack on this trek and snacked on foods that will likely find their way into future drops. In this case, fritos and sesame snaps. With work and side projects, it will be a challenge to ramp up training over the next two months, but I'm going to give it a go, starting with the PEAL in two weeks.

This past Friday, two fellows supposedly started an attempt of a self-supported sub-60 day thru-hike from Springer Mountain, GA. I wish Josh Garrison and his friend the best of luck and eagerly await updates on his trail journal. This will definitely provide me with some motivation to train over the next couple of months. But first, Lily and I need to shake off the crud once and for all. Both of us are sick of being sick!


Caleb Boyle said...

I hear you on being sick of being sick! Take it easy! Beautiful photos of your exploration of the bay area.

carl said...

something was in the air this winter....we all suffered a bit too much. here's the warmer, "clearer" days!