Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It's been nearly a week since I touched the plaque on Springer Mountain 58 days, 9 hours and 38 minutes from the summit of Katahdin. Since that time, I've focused on resting, eating and trying to get back into the off-trail groove. I owe many thanks to family and friends. A big thanks to Jen and Brew for not only providing me a temporary place to live in Asheville, but for posting such flattering words on the Blue Ridge Hiking Co. blog.

Kevin did a great job of filming the finish on Springer Mountain, and once again, Adam did a great job of uploading this video to youtube. I look forward to writing and sharing more in the near future. In the meantime, a photo essay of the journey is available here and hike statistics can be found here. Thanks for your interest and kind words!

Edit: information from the soon-to-be deleted is available below.

About my hike:

From June 10 to August 7, I hiked the AT in 58 days, 9 hours, 40 minutes. The following information has been collected on my 2013 hike. You may also wish to visit Fastest Known Time (FKT).

"Self-supported" guidelines followed (Mostly adapted from the writing of Scott "Bink" Williamson):
  • Walk into and out of resupply towns to purchase or pick up prepacked and mailed supplies. 
  • Hike as a backpacker, carrying all food and equipment between resupply towns. 
  • Follow the official AT route, no detours, road walks or alternates of any kind. 
  • Do not have anyone follow, or provide support in a prearranged manner. 
  • Do not get into a vehicle for any reason during the attempt. 
  • Honestly and thoroughly document the attempt. 
  • Practice Leave-No-Trace ethics.
Packing and Logistics followed (see sample logistics for a 60 day AT thru-hike):

Resupply itinerary (this is the original list, some locations were added/omitted)
Packed gear list (this is what I started with, some items got added/discarded)

Documentation and Media:


Andrew Moore said...


Incredible feat! A big congrats to you and thanks for sharing your adventure.


Jimmy Deane said...

Sweeper! I don't know if you remember me but my dad and I used to follow your journeys years ago! Its awesome to see you're still at it! Congratulations on this new accomplishment!

Jimmy Deane (Capt Chaos)

mkirk said...

Thanks Andrew, see you on the trails soon I hope...

Capt. Chaos, of course I remember you! Hope you and your dad are well and still getting out.

David Worth said...

eCongrats Matt! Another HUGE accomplishment in the books. Recover well!

Steve Pero said...

Good job, Matt...must be good to wind down now :-) Congrats on the incredibly fast time!

Jeff List said...

Great preparation, huge talent, and a lot of hard, hard work have paid off big time. Congratulations!

Caleb Boyle said...


Congrats! Can't imagine going the miles you did! I enjoyed the vid updates!


Donna Hoover said...

Wow Matt! I had no idea all the preparation talk about your trip we had at lunch last year was leading up to this. I'm so very proud of your accomplishment. :-)

I am totally pumped about sharing your accomplishment with my kids this school year. Can't wait to hear more about your future adventures.

mkirk said...

Thanks Dave, Steve, Jeff and Caleb! Donna, I wish you and the other teachers at BMS a happy school year.

Denise Davis said...

Congratulations Matt! Another amazing adventure!

Casseday said...

Congratulations Matt! I really enjoyed following your journey. Very impressive my friend.
- Adam

JOSH HEBB said...

Congratulations! You inspire me to be more than I think I can be. :-)

heather said...

Congratulations!!!!!! I was so excited to walk off my own trail and learn of your concurrent record. Hope recovery and reentry are going well for you.

Genevieve Kirk said...

Congratulations, Cousin! I heard your good news from Grandma Kirk last week, who is super proud. Sending our love to you and Lily!