Sunday, September 01, 2013


Fast forward yourself to Katahdin,
Now hit the play button and walk home.
From the far north where the trees don’t grow,
Hike southward, carefully as you go.
Through the rain, rivers, rocks, roots and mud.

Walk softly, pack only what you need,
Deliberately and within your means.
Remember this, as you’re hiking through:
The more you've got, the more has got you.
(Whatever it takes, remember this!)

Remember, don’t forget to look up.
The elements play no favorites.
Cherish this simple revelation,
Praise aloud our interconnection!
(No one can hear you over the wind.)

Remember, don’t forget to look down.
You are never alone in this world.
Snakes and spiders are living their lives
Just as you live yours, open your eyes!
(There’s a great city beneath your feet.)

Remember, don’t forget to look in.
Learn all you can about your true self.
Let the air and water fuse your heart
To the mountains, so you never part.
(Cultivate a true love for this land.)

Remember, don’t forget to look out:
Before you know, you’ll be through hiking.
A rushing sound will break up your thoughts.
You may say you know, when you forgot.
(Whatever it takes, remember this!)

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David Halterman said...

Thank you for this, Matt. Simply perfect