Monday, December 30, 2013


The last months of 2013 have been ones for new and old endeavors alike. More than ever, the dark of winter has ushered in a period of rest and recuperation. We’ve been letting hibernation happen while counting our blessings to have two moms who cook and feed us so well over the holidays.

A record number of people joined Uwharrie and me on the winter solstice for a wet and windy traverse of the Art Loeb Trail (my 13th and U-dog’s 7th). Meanwhile, Lily has been documenting the construction of our new house on her blog. Yes, we are building a house! It’s a tiny house, but a house nonetheless.

Before leaving the Southern Appalachians and moving ourselves and our tiny house to Gainesville, FL next summer, I hope to get out for a few more Appalachian adventures. One possibility is a repeat fast pack on a familiar loop trail, which will hopefully become more of a reality through recent efforts with the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy.

Want to join in?

Happy 2014!

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