Tuesday, January 28, 2014

rock house

There is a rock
That has been a house
For many creatures, humans too.
And this rock has always been open
For thousands of years besides a stream.
This stream flows through the rhododendron
It flows down to a river called the Middle Saluda.
We rediscovered this rock house just yesterday.
It was one of those glorious sunny days of winter.
But today, back in a nearby cold city, the snow is falling.
My Heart tells me about men in the public library:
These men who nod off by the newspapers.
It’s closing time, but they do not budge
Their possessions in plastic bags.

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Bill Randolph said...

Just up late surfing around the net, and came across this website. To say I was glad to find it would be a whale of an understatement. Grew up in Bryson City, N.C. Have hiked/ran on a myriad of peaks in W.N.C. The one I'm looking to bag next is a peak in the GSMNP, southwestern area, awesome peak, awesomely situated- known by the name of 'High Rocks'. elev.approx.5,200ft.Off the AT, on a side trail called Welch Ridge.