Saturday, January 11, 2014

southern ruck

A week from today, I will be giving a talk about the SALT at the Southern Ruck at NOC and donating a sub 60 fast pack prototype to the raffle to benefit the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and ALDHA (pictured above). Similar locally made and custom-fitted packs will be released later this spring, please stay tuned...

There will also be a presentation on SALT at Mojo in Asheville at 6 PM Thursday, the 23rd. There's a lot of interest in the Missing Link. Hopefully a wilderness corridor and connecting trail can be established between DuPont and the Mountain Bridge Wilderness. It would be a great asset to this region!


Bryan Severance said...

Hey Matt -

I think you would be an awesome person to talk to for my below search. Email me at if interested.


Random email here! I am a development TV producer at Crybaby Media in NYC always on the hunt for new shows and larger than life characters!

Currently I am developing a show on thru hiking! We want to hear your story. Looking for the most intense thru hikers who wouldn't mind breaking records this up coming season. The hikers we are looking for - hike alone, know how to survive in the woods, travel light, and are determined to finish in a certain amount of time. So wether it's the Appalachian Trail your hiking, the Great Divide or the 100 other long distance hikes in the U.S. - we want to hear your story and approach!

If this is you OR you know would would be perfect - please call or email anytime! Look forward to telling your more about the project!

Bryan Severance said...
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Jeremy Rardin said...

I signed up to be a pack tester for this pack. If I don't get chosen is there a way that I can buy one? I really like the design and I am wanting to go SUL from March to October of this year.

Bryan Severance said...

Matt how do I get in touch with you?!?

You are awesome! Would love 2 minutes of your time on the phone.

mkirk said...

Bryan, thanks for your kind words, but I don't think I'm the person you're looking for. More importantly, I worry that your project may prove environmentally detrimental to our natural resources.

In case you are really reading my response, please know that I don't mean to bash your project. I merely hope that you take the environment into consideration before moving forward.

Please do your best to make sure EACH of your personalities fully upholds LNT principles and is the epitome of a kindhearted soul, not afraid to fail or fall short.

These fundamental priorities should NEVER eclipse the arbitrary time goals of some sort of "record." Please don't let your project pollute our wonderful trails. I have faith you can accomplish your goal in noble fashion.

Best of luck.