Wednesday, June 25, 2014

thank you for being here

Pulled on a worn leash, this old dog slows me down.
But with just one word, I can resume my place.
Somewhere, a new star erupts from dust.
Together, we live and die the same.
Ignited from the start by a flash.
Thank you for being here.

...And the adventures of Matt & U-dog are still going strong after seven years!

After watching the longest day of the year come to an end from the summit of Max Patch in good company, Uwharrie and I jogged along the Appalachian Trail into Hot Springs for a pint, some grub and to watch USA vs. Portugal at Spring Creek Tavern the following afternoon. What a game!

We then opted to hitch back from town to within a couple miles of Elliott's cabin below Max Patch. Thanks to Elliott for allowing us to celebrate the solstice in good style! This was my first hitch in some time and I was thankful to get a ride for me and the old girl.

Speaking of vehicular support, or lack thereof: I guess my recent record of just under 60 days pales in comparison to this gentleman's 22 years without riding, or driving in a motorized vehicle. And that's just the start of his journey...

Inspiring stuff!

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Scott said...

you and uwharrie are looking as good as ever. enjoy your summer, amigo.