Thursday, August 07, 2014


Leaving the mountains for the flatter lands soon… The near decade that we’ve spent in WNC has helped to forge us into who we are. We are grateful.

The gravity of the blue wall’s majesty is what first drew us here to live, breathe, drink and run. The muse for this blog resides in these hills.

We’ve been blessed with great friendships in these mountains. Through foolish pursuits, we’ve been supported and encouraged.

We take the mountains with us: I met and married my wife in these mountains. I found my faithful dog in these mountains.

Perhaps you and I met and shared communion here at one time. We take all these memories and give thanks.


Scott said...

well said. home is where your day dreams constantly return you to. ya'll be safe.

Jeff said...

Matt, you also gave as much as you received. Thanks for all you have done for WNC.

mkirk said...

Thanks guys.