Tuesday, September 02, 2014

florida's mountains

People think that when the Spanish named Florida they meant that the soil was full of gardens. But people were wrong. The Spanish were talking about the sky. In Florida skies, clouds are great flowers that float like hyacinths on water, burgeon, and disappear. They are misty fields whose crops wisp into the distance, as if you were passing so quickly that you couldn't quite make out what was growing and knew no more than that it might have been something to wear soft and white and clinging to the the skin. There are skies that grow flowers black as the deepest earth and these flowers swirl over your head and open, and other flowers take their place until the whole sky is black and whirling, and nothing in the sky is still. Looked at another way, you could say that clouds are Florida's mountains.
   No, not Florida's mountains, because in our lifetimes mountains stay where they are, jutting up from the earth like shards or, if they are old mountains, like women's breasts. But Florida's clouds are always changing.
   Stop, you say, let me get this straight. But the clouds refuse, like a child spinning in her new party dress who, as she turns, is growing up, until suddenly the white lacy skies are gone and there is only rain...
-Lola Haskins, A Florida Marriage from The Wild Heart of Florida


UltraBrad said...

Hey Matt, just getting around to catching up on your adventure in relocating to Fl. My sister, Katie, lives in Gainesville, so if you guys ever need ANYTHING, let me know and I'll put you in touch.

mkirk said...

Thanks Brad, it's good to have connections. Hope you all are well!